Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff who are Isle of Wight Academy alumni are marked with an*

Administration and Staff


Mark Munford*

Assistant Headmaster-Upper School/Technology

Chris Hooper*

Assistant Headmaster- Middle School/ Curriculum

Dr. Robin Simmons

Assistant Headmaster/Admissions

Joseph Whitley*

Assistant Headmaster

Jack Reynolds

Director of Transportation

Paul Munford*

Guidance Counselor

Lisa Sumrak*

Development Director

Mary-Margaret Wells


Karen Casey

Athletic Director

Dale Chapman


Janet Huber*

School Nurse

Evie Upton

Preschool Faculty/Childcare Staff

Director of Preschool & Day Care

Virginia Lee Delk

Assistant Directors

Louise Brake-Baker

Toni Whitley*

Pre-School/After School Teaching Staff

  • Laura Tweed
  • Kayla Bryant
  • Amy Mosimann
  • Louise Brake-Baker
  • Sherri Glascock
  • Hollie Porter
  • Marcie Morton
  • Haileigh Sowers
  • Meagan Cornett
  • Toni Whitley

Lower School Faculty


Jennifer Rose

Robin Whitley*

First Grade

Allison Barlow

Jennifer Caterbone*

Second Grade

Mary Showalter

Kayla Williams*

Maggie Baise

Third Grade

Terry Garner*

Dora Schwegel*

Fourth Grade

Shannon Spain*

Jalee Addison*

Leslie Hamrick

Fifth Grade

Wendy Hooker

Pam Pye

LeAnn Wait*

Lower School Art

Cynthia Vaughan

Lower School Band/Music

Dale McGiboney

Lower School Physical Education

Jill Edwards

Lower School Technology

Julia Hooper

Lower School World Studies

Laura Hickman

Lower School Aides

  • Heather Peffley
  • Julie Major*
  • Donna Outland
  • Heather Price
  • Ruth West
  • Juliee Napier

Middle School Faculty

Middle School Health & PE

Jessica Brock*

Paul Munford*

Jill Edwards

Middle School Literature

Sigita Miltier

Aly Davis*

Middle School Math

Missie Babb*

Lindsey Babb*

Middle School Science

Tanya McAdoo

Middle School Social Studies

Aly Davis

Cheri Wilson

Upper School Faculty

Upper School Art

Cynthia Vaughan –

Upper School English

James Lidington

Debra Manner

Carrie Tew

Upper School French

Michelle Morningstar

Upper School Mathematics

Jenny Riddick*

Yvonne Bradshaw

Andrea Butler

Marcia Stevens

Upper School Music/Band

Dale McGiboney

Physical Education/Health/Driver’s Education

Dale Chapman

Jessica Brock*

Paul Munford*

Upper School Science

Andrea Butler

Julia Hooper

Crystal Key

Cassy Peffley

Upper School History

Ron Graef

Jack Reynolds

Joseph Whitley*

Heath Henderson

Upper School Technology

Lori Carter

Upper School Spanish

Margarita Castillo

Johany Davis