Smithfield Foods Educational Scholarship

Endowed by Smithfield Foods in 2013, this scholarship program will provide financial assistance to qualified students to attend Isle of Wight Academy.

This scholarship will be awarded based on financial need and rated by an independent agency (SSS by NAIS). Students must meet the following criteria:
Must be in grades K-12
Must be an admitted student at IWA and meet all admissions criteria

Scholarships will be awarded with a maximum of 30% towards the total cost of tuition (excluding fees). This scholarship amount awarded may only be applied towards required classes and excludes dual credit classes and Advanced Placement fees. Scholarships will only be awarded to one student per family per year and are non-renewable. Funds will be applied evenly toward monthly payments. Students receiving the scholarship must maintain a C average and a clean disciplinary record in order to remain eligible for the scholarship.

Applications for this scholarship will be accepted until June 1st of each year and recipients will be determined by June 15th by a Scholarship Selection Committee. This committee will consist of 2 IWA Board members and 2 non-Board members appointed annually by the Isle of Wight Academy Board of Directors.

Applicants will required to pay the necessary application fees and should visit to begin the application process.