Lower School

Isle of Wight Academy’s Lower School curriculum is designed to plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow for a lifetime. Lower School at IWA consists of kindergarten through the fifth grade. Each classroom up until the fifth grade is taught in a self-contained environment. In the fifth grade, students experience team teaching for the first time, which allows them to more easily adapt from life in the Lower School to life in the Middle School the following year.

Core subjects such as reading, writing, math, spelling, grammar, science, and social studies provide a solid foundation for all Lower School students. In addition to time spent in the classrooms, Lower School students participate in resource classes throughout the week. These resource classes include library, study skills, world studies, music, band, STEM, and physical education.

Students have morning snack, morning recess, lunch, afternoon snack, and afternoon recess as times to relax during the day. As in both Middle and Upper School, monthly assemblies are held that may focus on character development, cultural enrichment, or other forms of entertainment for the children.

The presence of older students on campus allows the older students to serve as positive role models for the younger students. By the time a student leaves IWA’s Lower School, he or she is a well-rounded student capable of tackling the rigors of secondary education.

If you have any questions regarding IWA’s Lower School program, please contact the Academy at 357-3866.