Parking Information

Parking Information


Before School Drop Off Procedures

Grades K-3. Parents dropping off students in grades K-3, please enter into the bus drop-off driveway and park in the front parking lot area. Your students will exit the car and proceed to the far right door of the Benjamin Vaughan Gymnasium for temperature check-in. Parents of students in K-1 and new students may escort their children to the entrance door of the gym, but are prohibited from entering the gym. Students will have their temperature taken before being allowed to enter any other area. Students will then exit the double doors in the front of the gym, and proceed down the sidewalk to their classroom. K-1 parents may wait for them to exit for the first couple of days to ensure they get to the correct classroom. Staff will be stationed around the campus to assist.

Grades 4-12. Parents dropping off students in grades 4-12, please proceed to the church parking lot or parking lot behind the church and drop your child off at the double doors leading into the Jester Gymnasium (Cafeteria side). Students will have their temperature checked, and they will exit through the double doors leading out to the senior parking lot and bus parking area and proceed to class immediately.

After School Pick Up Procedures

Grades K-3. Parents, please park in the front parking lot. Parents may wait for their students on the sidewalk at the front of the school, but must wear masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines pursuant to the Governor of Virginia’s executive order. Please do not wait outside of their classrooms.

Grades 4-12. Parents, please park in the church parking lot side. 4th and 5th grade parents may also wait on the sidewalk for their students while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing guidelines pursuant to the Governor of Virginia’s executive order. Grades 6th through 12th parents, please remain in your car and wait for your students to come to your car.

Note: no cars will be allowed in the bus parking lot after 2:40 P.M., or will be allowed to leave the back parking lot after 2:40 P.M. while students are loading on the buses.


  • Student drivers must visit the IWA website and fill out the Student Parking Permission Form. The form must be signed by a parent and turned in to the office no later than the end of the first week of school (Friday, September 4th at 3:00 P.M.).
  • Student drivers must use the main driveway.
  • Seniors, park in the rear paved parking lot on a first come, first served basis. All senior over-flow parking will be required to park in the rear gravel parking lot behind the Jester Gymnasium.
  • Juniors and sophomores who may be driving, use the main driveway. Go through the gate using the gravel road around the baseball field and park in the rear gravel parking lot behind the Jester Gymnasium.
  • Once you park, report to the entrance of the Jester Gymnasium by the cafeteria daily to have your temperature checked. You must wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines once you leave your vehicle.
  • Once your temperature is taken, report directly to your classroom.
  • At the end of the day, senior drivers should stand beside their car with a mask on, socially distanced, and wait for the buses to be dismissed before getting in your car. Juniors and sophomores may get in their car and line up on the gravel road at the gate and wait to be dismissed by an administrator. Juniors and sophomores will be dismissed once all senior drivers have left.
  • Student drivers who park in the back gravel lot, do not enter or exit through the gate by the cafeteria.
  • Please review the attached school map showing traffic flow patterns. and entrances and exits to temperature check areas.
  • If you have any questions, please email